Odor Elimination

If it’s foul, noxious, funky, or gross, Mold Test Kansas City has the equipment and know-how to kill it. Our job isn’t just getting rid of the odor. It’s eliminating the odor’s source bacteria, so it doesn’t come back.

¤ Vomit, pets, trapped animal, body odor.
¤ Urine, tobacco, fire damage.

Every Odor Situation Is Different

I’ll give you a customized solution and then fix your odor problem using my arsenal of air filtration equipment, industrial-strength enzymes, carpet steamers, and ozone generators.

Common Types of Odor We Deal With

¤ Vomit, pets, trapped animal, body odor

¤ Whether it is trapped in the carpet, your air ducts, or your mattress, Mold Test KC has the equipment (and stomach) to handle it.

Not Just Homes & Businesses

We’ll get a bad smell out of cars too.

Air Purification: Meet the HEPA 500 Air Scrubber

HEPA 500 Air Scrubber odor elimination kansas city
The HEPA 500 Air Scrubber. Foul air in, fresh air out.

One of the stars of our fleet. This is a commercial-grade air filtration process that filters your home’s entire air-space, trapping the odor-causing bacteria in the process. Great for vomit, pet odors, body odors, air duct odors, and more.

Ozone Shock Treatment with an Ozone Generator

A MTKC MVP! Getting an ozone shock treatment in your home is like resetting your phone to the factory settings. Your home’s smell is wiped clean, which is music to the ears of homeowners who have been living with a bad smell they can’t get rid of. After it’s finished, your home’s air will have that fresh air smell that you experience when walking outdoors after a thunderstorm.

Great For: Tobacco smell, urine, a skunk, smoke damage, smaller mold problems*.

*Note for Mold Remediation Companies: An ozone shock treatment is a good way to kill off those last mold spores that have fallen through the proverbial cracks. Get an ozone treatment as an insurance policy of sorts before running a final mold test.

How It Works: The ozone generator turns your home’s oxygen into ozone. With the oxygen sucked out of the air, the bacteria producing the bad odor is starved and it dies. After the generator is shut off, fresh oxygen is replenished naturally, leaving your home smelling great.

The Day of Treatment: You will need to plan on being out of your home for 8-10 hours. Mold Test KC will lock up your home and warning signs on the doors. Pets and plants will need to be out of the house. This is because the same ozone that kills the bad-smelling bacteria in your home is dangerous for pets, plants, and humans as well. Mold Test KC will check your air at the end of the treatment and let you know when it’s safe to re-enter your fresh-smelling home.

Warning To Consumers: Ozone generators should only be used by professionals and never as air purification devices. Some manufacturers have marketed low-output ozone generators as a device to use regularly in your home, like you would an air purifier. But in our opinion and according to the EPA, using a low-output ozone generator when in your home is at best ineffective at getting rid of odor, and at worst dangerous.

In order for an ozone treatment to be effective, a higher output of ozone is needed. To ensure using a higher ozone output is safe, we require you and your pets to be out of the home during the treatment.


For the average-sized 2,000 square foot home, our typical odor elimination service runs around $250. All situations are different, however, and so pricing varies depending on the solution needed.

Call/text (913) 980-8146 or contact and tell us about your situation.